Here are some things that are NOT in Green Mountain Soap:
  • No fragrances.
    No fragrances in our flagship unscented bar and liquid soaps. Period. Not even any “masking fragrances”.
  • No colorants.
    Period. The color of our soap comes naturally from the oils used.
  • No bar hardening agents.
    No lather stabilizers or lather enhancers.  No skin feel additives like polyacrylates.  No opacifiers such as titanium dioxide, which is also used in house paint.  No cocomidopropyl betaine.  No diethanol amine, no triethanolamine.  No quaternary ammonium compounds.  No sequesterants.  No preservatives, no antibacterial agents, no antiperspirant agents. No propylene glycol.  No sorbitol.  No cocoyl isethionate.  No linear alkyl benzene sulfonate.  No sodium lauryl sulfonate.  No sodium lauryl ether sulfonate, either. No detergents at all.  No coconut EDTA, no trisodium EDTA, no tetrasodium EDTA, no sodium editronate, no EDTA at all.  No butylated hydroxytoluene, no triclocarban, no triclosan. No parabens. No sodium citrate, no disodium cocamide monoethanolamine sulfosuccinate or cetyl alcohol, either.  And finally, no hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride.

    All of the above additives have been found on the labels of other soap bars.
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