Green Mountain Soap - Who we are.

In 1974 Richard and Elaine Hamner, founders and now master soap-making consultants, were taught soap-making by Myrtis Waller, Elaines mother. Soap making became a hobby for the Hamners. A few years of trial and error went by, with many family members playing a vital role in the testing and rejecting of different recipes and techniques. By 1992, they had learned soap chemistry, refined the process and fine tuned the recipes. In 1994, they engaged Dr. Mario Novakovic, an international consultant to the soap industry, to solve a problem that arose with the soap. With a solution found, the soap was ready to be brought to market. Richard left his full-time job with Teledyne Brown Engineering. Elaine continued working for NASA until they won a bid to appear on QVC, the TV shopping network. The soap was a huge hit and the Hamners expanded their business even more. Many more products were brought to market over the years, and they became true, master soap makers. For the next 24 years Richard and Elaine continued to produce and market the "purest soap in the world". In 2019 Green Mountain Soap was sold to some friends of Richard and Elaine who are experienced in many different aspects of the skin and bodycare industry. Now the soap is being made in the Green Mountains of Vermont, with the same tried and true formulas and techniques.

Our Mission

The products of Green Mountain Soap are the result of decades of personal interest in soap making and an intense and broad-based study of soap chemistry and the methods used to produce soap on a commercial scale. Our goal has been to produce the purest soap made anywhere in the world. Because of the purity of Green Mountain Soap, virtually all people, including those with allergies and skin problems, can use Green Mountain Soap. Many of our customers suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and others are diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Green Mountain Soap has no medicinal or curative properties, but because of its purity many people can use it when the additives in other soap might irritate their skin. Our passion is to create products of great quality that fulfill a real need for many people. GMSC’s core competency is producing and marketing bar and liquid soap that, by its purity, is superior to other soaps, and that provides an alternative to soaps that have so many additives. Part of our mission is also to help dispel the myths, misperceptions, and uncertainties that have surrounded soap over the ages.
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