Green Mountain Soap Receives NSF Certification

Date: July 1, 2011

Huntsville, Alabama – August 2011 – Green Mountain Soap Co, Inc. is pleased to announce its Unscented All Vegetable bar soap has been certified by NSF International as Food Grade, Category H1 (Incidental Contact), Registration # 145055 and is listed in the NSF White book

The NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements including FDA 21 CFR for appropriate use, ingredient and labeling review.  The Unscented All Vegetable bar soap is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas. 

About Green Mountain Soap Company:  Incorporated in 1992, Green Mountain Soap Company’s goal is to produce the purest soap made anywhere in the world.  This is achieved by using only food grade oils, by refraining from using any additives or preservatives, and by leaving the naturally occurring glycerin from the saponification process in the final product.   The result is a soap that can be used by virtually all people, including those with allergies and skin problems and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  It is this same commitment to purity that makes the Unscented All Vegetable soap acceptable for use in food processing areas.

For more information, contact:
Richard Hamner, PhD, President
Green Mountain Soap Co., Inc.