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Instructions to a Mother from her Son

Date: April 24, 2013

The first pictures I took of the shaving soap resulted in this tactful email from my son. I’m passing it along for anyone who is new to mug and brush shaving. The picture proves he was right:


The lather pictures are well composed and executed, but the lather itself needs just a bit of work. I know you’ve already said you don't know anything about shaving. Before you take more photos, I suggest this:

1.Soak the shave brush in hot water from the tap for at least five minutes.

2.Put a little hot water on top of the puck and wait a minute.

3.Dump that water off.

4.Squeeze and shake almost all the water out of the brush.

5.Start twisting and mashing the brush into the soap puck. Don't be afraid to really smoosh and push the brush into the soap. You'll start getting some lather while you're getting the brush loaded with soap. That's fine.

6.Move the brush to a mug. Add maybe 1 tsp of hot water to the mug. Start working up the lather.

7.Add another tsp of water and keep stirring/mashing the brush into the mug. Eventually if you keep adding water the lather will go from "yogurt" to "meringue" to "shampoo bubbles" and that's bad. You want a shiny lather that's a bit wetter than "yogurt" but NOT bubbly. Usually about 1-2 tsps of water is fine, though you may have to add a bit more to really wake up the lather.