Green Mountain Triple Milled Shaving Soap

Green Mountain Soap Company spent three years crafting a shaving soap recipe and a triple milled production process. We knew that the formulation would be significantly different from our other bar soaps. Shave soap must have different performance properties when compared to hand soap. Shave soap lather must be abundant, dense, long-lasting, protective, and it must have “glide” so that the razor will not skip or chatter across your skin. Each of these properties is controlled and affected by the choice of oils, the ratio of types of caustic used to react the oils, and how the soap is processed and triple milled as it goes from raw materials to finished puck.

Our formulation includes a generous percentage of tallow for a creamy, sturdy, slick lather. Oils were chosen that create a high glycerin content and enhance the moisturizing effects of the soap. The shaving soap contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The soap performs well in hard water, though like any true soap, very hard water can degrade its performance. We recommend using a badger hair brush.

We were fortunate to have 30 knowledgeable volunteers scattered across the US and around the world as a test committee. Several of the benchmark formulations were sent out for trial, and we are very grateful to the committee for their very critical help and honest feedback. With their assistance we succeeded in creating an excellent wet shaving product that we think is worthy of our standards for soap purity and performance. We hope you can see the earnest and extended effort we’ve put forth to bring a superior product to market. The research and development occurred in many places and through the work of many people.


Development of the scents

Because Green Mountain Soap Company’s flagship bar soap is unscented, we had to start from scratch when creating scents. We set out to offer something unique to our shaving soaps rather than purchasing off-the-shelf scents, and we determined we would use only essential oils rather than artificial fragrance oils.

The scents are blends of natural essential oils derived from botanicals. They have been formulated following international safety standards for the fragrance industry. People with allergies or dermal sensitization to ingredients listed on the boxes may enjoy using Green Mountain unscented shaving soap. As with all skin care products, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Spiced Rum: Pure essential oils extracted from a variety of botanicals achieve this unique, complex scent. Bay Rum provides a spicy, pungent aroma. Top notes are Lavender, Rosemary, and Litsea Cubeb. Marjoram and Clary Sage give the spicy, floral, fruity aromas, and Allspice enriches with a combination of cloves, cinnamon and pepper. Lastly is Carrot Seed, which has a woody-earthy, spicy-musky scent. This combination will make you want to book a cruise to the islands or decorate your mug with a tiny paper umbrella.

Cheaha: Mount Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama, derived from the Creek Indian word “Chaha” or high place. Pure essential oils extracted from a variety of botanicals have achieved a deep, rich sensual scent evoking an autumn evening by the fire. Base notes of Patchouli and Oakmoss wrap you in warm, earth-mossy tones. Cedarwoods plus Ho Wood impart a cedar scent with floral overtones. Ylang-ylang is an exotic floral. The scent is infused with the sweet citrus smell of Orange and Bergamot. Spruce tops this intriguing scent with a generous amount of balsam.



Lime Vetiver: The invigorating scent of Lime and Bay Leaf essential oils are grounded by Vetiver, an earthy grass green note that is warm and masculine. A splash of Black Pepper essential oil provides just the right amount of zing, and the tiny bit of Ylang-Ylang weaves a sweet, exotic, slightly balsamic floral through your shaving ritual.

Lavender Grapefruit: Lavender and Grapefruit are light scents enlivened with a splash of Lime. The crisp, fresh smells of lavender and citrus are grounded by the earthy, mossy, leathery notes of Oakmoss. Only pure essential oils extracted directly from a variety of botanicals were used in developing this unique scent which is the perfect addition to your shaving soap rotation.

Balsam Spice: This unique scent derived from pure essential oils evokes the spicy tang of fresh snow on fir trees. Top notes of Camphor, Fennel, Spruce and Spearmint are a pleasant mix of fresh mint and balsam. Middle notes of sweet spice come from Ylang-Ylang, Nutmeg and Clove, tempered by the fresh, woody, earthy scent of Siberian Fir. The earthy-mossy, leathery aroma of Oakmoss and the vanilla-like nuances of Peru Balsam ground this versatile addition to your rotation of shaving soaps.

Unscented: This shaving soap has not been scented with any essential oils, though you will notice it has a fresh natural smell from the ingredients used to make it. All pure oils used in Green Mountain Soap are food grade. This shaving soap is designed for people who may have allergies to scents or have developed dermal sensitization to certain natural botanicals. It’s also ideal for people who demand pure, natural products or who don’t want a scented shaving soap that will clash with their signature personal scent.