Liquid Soap

The Green Mountain Soap Company is proud of its liquid soap line, which is true soap and not liquid detergent. It took months of testing to develop a liquid soap that met our specifications for quality, glycerine content, and value. This soap is as gentle as our bar soap. It performs well in the bath as soap and shampoo.  It can also be used in the kitchen as a fruit and vegetable wash, and in the laundry for fine washables.

Coconut/Olive Liquid Soap

The original coconut/olive oil liquid soap is available in 8-oz. foaming dispensers, and well as 32-oz. foamer refill bottles and gallon jugs.

The classic oil used to make liquid soap is coconut oil, though it can be a little drying to the skin. In our recipe we combine olive oil with the coconut oil to produce a gel that is diluted with distilled water to the proper consistency.  The result is a soap that is gentle, cleans well without drying your skin, and contains abundant glycerin.

Castile Olive Oil Liquid Soap

We developed a liquid soap made from olive oil that is true to the original meaning of the term Castile. The 100% olive oil soap can be used by people who cannot use or ingest coconut products in any form. This formulation is exceptionally mild and produces a rich creamy lather of tiny bubbles. It is available in an 8-oz pump, and refills in quart and gallon sizes.

Liquid soap is made from oils and caustic, just the same as bar soap, but the difference is in the type of caustic that is used. Sodium hydroxide, used to make bar soap, creates a soap that doesn't dissolve in water very fast. That is one reason why our bar soap lasts so long in the shower. But you cannot dilute bar soap with water and make it into a liquid soap. Thus, for liquid soap, we use potassium hydroxide rather than sodium hydroxide as the caustic to convert the oils into soap and glycerin. The resulting soap gel is easily diluted with distilled water, and that is how we make our liquid soap.

Our soap is: gluten free, latex free, casein free, free of all parabens including methylparaben, alcohol free, free of artificial colors and dyes. Our bath and liquid soaps contain no mineral oil or petroleum, no aluminum or alum, no sodium lauryl sulfate and no pesticides. Our soaps are all-natural. For additional information, see our Allergen Disclosure Sheet

Green Mountain Soap is not and has never been tested on animals. All of our products are proudly made in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.


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