Our Philosophy

Green Mountain Soap Company and its products are the result of decades of personal interest in soap making and an intense and broad-based study of soap chemistry and the methods used to produce soap on a commercial scale.
Our goal has been to produce the purest soap made anywhere in the world.

Because of the purity of Green Mountain Soap, virtually all people, including those with allergies and skin problems, can use Green Mountain Soap. Many of our customers suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and others are diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Green Mountain Soap has no medicinal or curative properties, but because of its purity many people can
use it when the additives in other soap might irritate their skin.

Our passion is for Green Mountain Soap Company to be a part of the American enterprise with products of great quality that fulfill a real need for many people.

GMSC’s core competency is producing
and marketing bar, liquid, and shave soap that, by its purity, is superior to other soaps, and that provides an alternative
to soaps that have so many additives.
Part of our mission is also to help dispel the myths, misperceptions, and uncertainties that have surrounded soap over the ages.

It has been a goal of the owners to have
a manufacturing business that will allow them to use the talents that they have accrued along the course of their lives,
and those talents include virtually all of
the skills required to build and operate a business like Green Mountain Soap Co., Inc. Richard’s background includes mechanical engineering, HVAC and refrigeration design and installation, mechanical systems engineering, and team building. Elaine’s expertise and experience include contract management, business administration, and the management and leadership of teams
of people at many different levels.


Green Mountain Soap Company's passion is to be a part of the American enterprise with great quality product that fulfill a real need for many people.