Who uses our soap?

Just who are the people who use our soap? First of all, it is safe to say that anyone can use Green Mountain Soap. It is one of the mildest soaps on the market, and it is certainly one of the purest. We put no additives of any kind in our soap.

But specifically, there are certain people who would benefit more from the use of a really pure soap than others. These fall into about three categories, and these are the people we are trying to reach to let them know about this soap that is so pure.

Broad category number one would be people who have allergies to the additives in other soap. The fragrances, the colorants, or any of the other additives such as the antibacterials, preservatives, opacifiers, and so on can sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people. Because our soap has no additives at all, it is very likely that you could use it even if you tend to have allergies.

People who have dry skin or skin that is sensitive to all the things that we put on our skin would find that Green Mountain Soap is one of the mildest soaps out there. Also, all the natural glycerine stays in our soap (most other soaps have the glycerine removed for sale in other markets), so you will most likely find that Green Mountain Soap will not dry your skin like some other soaps will.

People with diabetes tend to have skin that is sensitive, and we have lots of diabetic customers who rave about it. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, you might try our soap as one that is exceptionally mild.

Note here: We do not claim that our soap has any medicinal or curative properties. It is just free of all additives and it has lots of glycerine in it, which is known to be a good moisturizer because it retains water.

So certainly one category of people who would benefit from using our soap are those of us who have sensitivities to the additives in other soap.

Secondly, hunters and other people who spend time in the outdoors use our soap because of the same reasons noted above, but this time with a twist.

Hunters like unscented products so there is less chance of alerting the game, and they are usually outdoors when the wind is dry. So the very things that distinguish our soap from others are the things that they need.

People in the skilled crafts such as carpentry and masonry and others have to use their hands a lot, and a good mild soap with glycerine is a welcome relief at the end of the day (or any other time!).

The other major group of people who use our soap are those of us who simply want pure products to use in the care of our bodies. There is so much stuff out there these days that attacks our skin, it is nice to have a pure soap to use that is free of any additives. Our bar soap can also be used as a shampoo because of the glycerine. Our president has been shampooing with his own Green Mountain Soap every day since June of 1991. No dry hair!

In conclusion, anyone can use our soap, but if you have allergies, or if you don't want fragrance in your soap, or if you need a pure, mild soap for your skin, Green Mountain Soap is for you.

We hope you like it, and we would love to hear from you.


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